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: Experience Our Labyrinth :

The Sacred Path has Four Movements

1) On The Threshold - Pause to prepare, find your focus, ask a question, or form a prayer, just relax.

2) The Journey Inward - Enter with trust, follow the trail, let go of any distractions, welcome change.

3) The Resting Place - Stop in the center, allow renewal take root, receive the message.

4) The Journey Out - Leave the past behind, name the new gift received, express gratitude.

Labyrinths are universal. One way winds to the center and back. You cannot be lost.

Labyrinthos is Greek from 'labrys', the shape of the double axe, a door, and a butterfly. In Greek myth Theseus kills the Minotaur in the center, and is shown the way out by holding onto Ariadne's clew of golden thread.

The Chamber of Renewal is the image of the ancient serpentine spiral dance, a ritual of death and rebirth. This symbol of Rebirth has been in use worldwide since 2000 BCE.

In India the labyrinth assisted childbirth, as a yantra for the mother's focus. Swedish sailors walked paths made of stones to bind the weather for their safe passage on the sea. Celtic shepherds danced and raced on their Caer Sidi, fairy castles, drawn on the turf at festival times. On their baskets, the Pima tribe of Arizona show their hero saving his people on his trail into the mountain they call the womb of hope. Called Mary's Web, the labyrinth is in the mosaic floors of Cathedrals for a walking ritual pilgrimage to the holy land.

Sovitur Ambulando "It is solved by walking" - St. Augustine, 4th century

Note: Our labyrinth is a fresh adaptation of the traditional eleven circuit labyrinth.

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